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Harvester Hoes

What are Harvester Hoes?
A Harvester Hoe is a Special Tool which can be used to farm sugar cane. When the sugar cane is farmed, the player will receive something known as a "Harvester Token". A Harvester Token is an exclusive currency which can be used to upgrade Enchantments on the Hoe itself along with being able to be spent at the /Token Shop. To open the Harvester Menu, simply press Right-Click whilst holding the Harvester Hoe.

Enchantment List

Token Finder:
Price Increment: 1450 x Level
Max Level: 75
Description: Chance to discover more Harvester Tokens when farming.

Hunger Loss:
Price Increment: 250 x Level
Max Level: 1
Description: Prevent Hunger Loss whilst using the Harvester Hoe.

TNT Gatherer:
Price Increment: 750 x Level
Max Level: 50
Description: Chance to discover TNT when farming. This TNT is deposited straight into your TNT Bank.

Key Finder:
Price Increment: 1,500 x Level
Max Level: 50
Description: Small Chance to discover Crate Keys when farming.

Price Increment: 20,000 x Level
Max Level: 10
Description: Chance to destroy a large radius of Sugar Cane at once whilst still giving Harvester Tokens.

XP Gather:
Price Increment: 2,000 x Level
Max Level: 100
Description: Chance to discover EXP when farming.


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