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Galactic Realm Rule Guide


CelestialPvP Network
Galactic Realm | Rule Guide

[!] As a player of the CelestialPvP Network, you must agree to follow these Rules. If these rules are not followed then it will result in a Punishment. We ask all players to retain Common Sense, finding loopholes through these Rules will not be tolerated and excuses like "It wasn't on the rules" will not be applicable to nearly every circumstance. Certain punishments are up to the Administrator's discretion, this means that punishments can be changed dependant on the Offense committed along with its severity and potential risk to the server.

[!] Breaking any of the Rules below can result in an Island Strike to a Island Disqualification. Please ensure that if you have any questions regarding the rules, message an administrator to prevent any confusion.

[!] Island Information & Regulations

○ No Automatic Farms

○ Maximum Island Size: 5
○ Maximum Roster Size: 20
○ Maximum of 3 Alternate Accounts can be used for Kits. More than this will result in punishments to the alternate account owner and their Island. Keep in mind though that you can have more than 3 Alternate Accounts if used for AFKing Cane, etc.
○ Cane Nuking, AFK Cane Mining, f11 glitching (for more than 30 seconds) are all not allowed. These rules also apply for other farming methods like melons, pumpkins and cobblestone.

○ Cobble Monsters: Disabled (Not Allowed)
○ Auto-fishing, Auto-Mining and Auto-Farming are not allowed.

- 1st Offense: 2 Island Strikes + 14 Day Ban
- 2nd Offense: Discretion to the Server Administrator

Hiding Value:
- Hiding Value is not permitted. Punishments can vary from a Strike to Island Disqualification.
- Spawners cannot be Stored in Ender Chests or any other form of Vault.
- Spawners must be placed on your Island.
- Spawners cannot be Stored on Alternate Accounts as a form of Storage.
- Breaking any of these rules can result in a Punishment varying from a Island Strike to Island Disqualification.

Insiding & TP Killing:
- Stealing Loot from your Island without their permission is not permitted.
- 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban to the Offender & Loot Rollback
- Leaders are allowed to kick members dependant on the situation, if a Member places Spawners then is immediately kicked, contact a Staff member to have it resolved.
- 1st Offense: Admin Discretion.


Insiding is the process of when a Island Member sabotages their own island / former-island by taking value or by griefing the island. If you are unsure of if your situation relates to this, please contact an Administrator before performing the action. Even if it was 'accidental' you will still be punished.

1st Offense: 30 Day Ban + Value returned to the Island
2nd Offense: Permanent Ban + Value returned to the Island
3rd Offense: Blacklist from the Network.

Island Boosting

Island Boosting is the process of which an Island gives value to another Island in order to boost their value. This involves giving them Spawners, Money or other items which would give them a bigger advantage in winning the Payout. With this being said however, you are allowed to sell items to other Islands, but giving them the value for free is not allowed.

1st Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator
2nd Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator
3rd Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator

Alternate Islands

Alternate Islands is when multiple islands are created on purpose to gain an advantage, whether this be to boost another Island or to use it for extra Island Space.

1st Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator
2nd Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator
3rd Offense: Discretion to Server Administrator
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