Discord Server Rules

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Discord Related Rules

1. No spam or copypaste. Only use words/phrases that everyone understands. Only English is permitted.

2. No advertising, self promotion, referral links, or server invites. This is any discord invite link that you send to someone without them asking

3. Do not mention users in commands - all commands can be used without an @mention, just type their nickname / username / discriminator / role name etc.

4. No nsfw. The nsfw commands are disabled on this server.

5. Don't misuse any of the bots.

6. No discrimination or racist terminology.

7. No impersonating users or bots.

8. No drama. Avoid political, controversial, or overly emotional topics.

9. No offensive, inappropriate, zalgo, intentionally hoisted, or difficult to type display names. Staff discretion is final on this

10. Let staff do their job. Do not mini-mod or answer support questions.

11. No useless role or user pings. Do not attempt to mention @here e or @everyone one. Never mention @Support Team, @Moderator+ or individual users when asking questions. Only mention @Moderator + for valid and urgent moderation issues.

12. Do not engage in or post content to harass individuals or communities.

13. Do not do anything illegal, or post any sketchy content.

14. Put the right content into the right channel. Trolling is not permitted and neither is repeated questions that you could answer yourself.

15. This server follows the Discord Community Guidelines, and staff will respond accordingly to any breach

You can find them here: https://discordapp.com/guidelines

16. if staff believes you are creating or furthering a toxic environment you are subject to a discord ban or ingame mute
Not open for further replies.